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quality over quantity

I work at a Veterinary Hospital so ALL my dogs receive the best care in every way!

I have the knowledge and experience in animal husbandry.

I strive to breed the the BEST of the BEST.

potty training

I started off training puppies to use the potty pads and I'm going to try something different. I have a potty box and put pieces of sod.Pups will immediately be familiar to potty on the grass. You can also do this when bringing your pup home since your pup will not have it's full vaccine series and will keep your baby safe.

REMEMBER the key to any training is CONSISTANCY AND ROUTINE. Dogs need that and thrive on it. Puppies have very small bladders and need to go out frequently. Also use praise and key words: Good boy/girl, let's go potty/pee or whatever keywords that you want. This will help immensely in training your new pup.

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Vaccinations are VERY important! I work at a Veterinary Hospital and I have seen the devastation and very expensive bills when a puppy has contracted PARVO. Parvo is deadly and you have no idea where in the ground that it lives. It stays active in dirt for 7 years. Simple solution is having your new baby receive 4 rounds of Distemper parvo, 2 rounds of Bordetella, Rabies and Corona. Depending on where you live ask your Veterinarian what diseases are prevalent in your State. Here in Texas that is what you need to keep your puppy safe. I do require proof of Vaccinations from a Veterinarian. The reason being is i have seen people who have purchased vaccines from Tractor Supply or local Feed Stores and the people who work there are NOT medical professionals. Vaccines need to arrive cold and immediately stored in a refrigerator at a certain temperature to stay viable. You are relying on a store clerk to protect your new puppy's life. You can feel confident in knowing that I have given the Mother, Father and puppies the BEST care and protection. All services will be done by a licensed Veterinarian and all records that I give you can be transferred seamlessly to your own Vet.

Spay and Neuter

I also require that all puppies are spayed/neutered at 1 year of age and not before. Your new puppy needs to get all it's growth hormones and they just don't receive it by spaying and neutering too young. I see the effects of sterilizing too early. This way you get the best and healthiest  pup. If you are planning or want to breed it MUST be preapproved by me before purchase.

life hardship

I will always take a puppy back if a life hardship happens. There will be no refund but I will find a new loving home. I DO NOT WANT MY PUPS TO END UP IN SHELTERS. These pups are my babies and their well being is the utmost IMPORTANCE TO ME. I' always here to help!

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