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 Happy Clients

At Aloha Rat Terriers, we pride ourselves on providing excellent and transparent service.
If you’d like to get an idea of some of the experiences past clients have had, take a look at the selection of testimonials below.

Before I got my Molly I had mentioned to friends and family about wanting a dog. Then the pics and messages began. Rottweilers, pit Bulls every dog came into my DM's. I was like okay, thanks. I dont even remember talking with Gulf Coast but I got this message about Rat terriers. I was intrigued. I saw the pups and chose Buttercup. Its funny, I saw all these dogs but one look at Buttercup was enough. I renamed her Molly and ive been super happy ever since. When I brought her to the new vet, the vet really liked how Molly was taken to a real vet during her first months as apposed to giving her shots herself. Her records were emacualte. Shots etc... I got to visit her before I picked her up. When I brought her home she was already trying for puppy pads. I live in an apartment and work a lot so they are essential. Im so happy with my pup ya'll done enough know. Im ready for her sister or brother.


Adrian Thompson & Molly

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